How to report

Every report builds a picture

By reporting incidents of sexual harassment, your information could help to bring an offender to justice and support us in making sure you, and your fellow rail users, are kept safe. Each report received provides valuable information which can be used to build a picture of an offender. People who behave in this way often do so repeatedly, so reports can allow BTP to notice patterns in offending behaviour and take action. Sexual harassment is, sadly, too common an experience for many, but research tells us that only 4% of people report these behaviours on the railway to police. Reporting data is one of the things BTP use to inform their activity, including where and when they deploy their officers across the network. The more they know about when and where sexual harassment is happening, the better equipped they are to prevent and respond to it.

British Transport Police

You can report anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. See or experience it:

  • Text 61016
  • Call 0800 40 50 40 (non-emergency)
  • Call 999 in an emergency
  • Report online

To find out more about what happens after you make a report visit our FAQs page.

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We know that not everyone feels comfortable or able to speak to police. Anyone who has information about someone who is sexually harassing people on the railway and would like to pass this to police anonymously can do so by:

See our FAQs to find out more about the different between reporting to BTP and Crimestoppers, and to find out more about the CrimeStoppers 100% anonymity guarantee.

To find out more about how CrimeStoppers are supporting this campaign visit their website.

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